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Sunday Morning at Mueller

Every weekend a few great friends of mine and I go out somewhere in, or around, Austin to take photos and get breakfast. Our weekly walks are primarily intended to be a contemplative photography practice and an opportunity to get together, but I’ve learned they’re also an opportunity to get to know a different part of the city.

Last weekend we paid a visit to the Mueller area, starting our walk at the Dell Children’s Medical Center and discovering we could have breakfast at one of our favorite downtown coffee shops, Halcyon, which has a new location at Mueller. And on the way, we walked around the lake and through the awesome farmer’s market.

Mueller is a newer part of Austin, built on the site of the old Mueller airport, which was the primary airport in Austin from 1936 through 1999. And, it seems that like many parts of the city, construction is ongoing and new places are always opening. I’m looking forward to planning several more visits to this area in the not too distant future.

If you are interested, here are a few of the photos that I took during our wander around Mueller.

Blue sky through a white covering
One small detail, just some white lines and the blue sky, at the AISD Performing Arts Center.

metal Grid on grid
When two or more simple patterns mix.

Intersection between two balloons
Just two balloons.

Architectural details
Glass, steel, and a bit of wood.

Lines reflected in a blue window.
Lines reflected in a blue window.

Architectural details, patterns
I have a thing for patterns I suppose.

Colored class squares at the Dell Children's Medical Center.
Colored class squares at the Dell Children's Medical Center.

Orange grid on the side of a building
Color, lines, and shapes

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